If you’ve seen ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’, you’ll know that the bond between a homeless pet and its owner can be life-saving. Animal companions can be a huge source of companionship and motivation, especially for people with mental health or dependency issues. A dog can even encourage passers-by to stop, chat and maybe help out. But it’s tough to keep a pet safe, fed, warm and healthy on the streets.

Which is why in 2016, inspired by London Big Issue seller Gary Spall and his staffie-cross Lola, a team of volunteer vets started providing homeless people’s dogs with free check-ups, microchipping, surgery, vaccinations, meds, flea and worm treatment, and coats for cold weather. Since then, StreetVet has helped around 500 dogs (and a few cats) in eight British cities.

So how can you help? StreetVet is currently in the running to win £100,000 of funding from pet insurers Animal Friends. To get the money, it needs your vote by December 10. You can also volunteer time and money, raise an alert about a pet in trouble, or buy items from its Amazon wish list to give a present to a pet in need this Christmas.

Here are 28 more ways you can help make London better.