ST. LOUIS — A Stray Rescue worker was able to pull 11 puppies and three adult dogs from a cold, abandoned house in the Baden neighborhood of north St. Louis Tuesday.

Donna Lochmann said the rescue effort started when they got a call saying a dog appeared to have puppies inside an abandoned home.

Before we got in there, we were told that there were going to be multiple dogs, but we still didn’t know how many,” Lochmann said. “And we were pretty shocked by there being two nursing moms and 11 puppies.”

Lochmann said she thinks the dogs were all born around the same time and the two dogs likely shared the nursing duties.

“Moms did a good job taking care of the puppies,” Lochmann said. “They look really good.”

Stray Rescue says it will probably take about $5,000 to get them all spayed, neutered and vaccinated. If you would like to help out, you can donate here.