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Free Premium Website


If you need to set up a website for your new business and would like me to install WordPress for you for free and add a premium theme, then you are in the right place.

Plus I will do the following things – A home Page, a contact us page, an about us page, a terms and conditions page, a disclaimer page, a copyright page and a privacy policy page.

The only “string” attached is that you will need to use my affiliate link to get your hosting.

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26 Ways for you to make money online


If you have already chosen your business model, this report will help you see if you could add extra streams of income.If you have yet to start, you could look here to see that your chosen business model is the best fit to how you are about to st up your new business.

This is helpful if you need a great overall view of how marketing online works.

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Knitting addicts only – How to make a living knitting all day

I made two videos and added a report that shows knitting people how they can realign their knitting projects that they become more profitable.

This is not a full blown course, but just some valuable tips and advice to those who would love to be making a living from their knitting.

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Free Business Toolkit


This toolkit is just an extra – one that you can use for those tasks that you need to do, and never even had a clue that you needed to do it, OK – jokes, but the toolkit is full of links that are going to be very helpful online

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Free Crafting course

Four Videos that will go a long way to showing you a few items that could make a massive difference to the success of your business.

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I am always here for you if you need more information relating to things that you can manufacture with the intent to sell on the craft markets and online.

I also encourage you to go and join the Facebook Group where you will meet new friends and be able to interact with them, and ask me detailed questions there.

With questions relating to this niche, I will just answer you by sending you to re ask that sort of questions there on Facebook.

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