How to start you own successful craft business

Four videos that will detail all the factors that you will need to get a craft related business up and running from your own home as soon as you decide to get started

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Crafting Ideas for Making and Selling


What sort of crafter are you?


On this page I am going to be telling you a lot about how to choose a profitable craft product to start manufacturing from home as you work from home business idea of choice.

Anybody can sit at their dining room table and start to do cool crafty things and then it and dream of making the idea into a fully functional and profitable business.

But the reality is that if you just go, like many people do, you run the risk of never ever making a decent living from your ideas.

If you follow what I can teach you – you will have more than a fighting chance of being wildly successful at your chosen craft business.


The very first step in your new business thoughts?


This is a serious point I am going to ask you here.

You see, if you are really serious about doing this – it is easy to do, it is just a lot of work. Are you scared of working hard?

I doubt that, but the point I am making is that you really need to be 100{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} committed to this course of action.

Make the decision and then get started, but know this – you are going to be working very hard on your business, you are going to be the book keeper, the factory, the web designer, the delivery person, the tea person and still have to run your life.

I will go very far along the route with you – helping you all the way.


Who am I? – I am a crafter and a marketer


I was crafting for fun in the beginning of my career and doing kitchen designing for a living. As i got older, I started a lot of craft market businesses initially as a part time business, but later as a full time crafter.

This, combined with all the other businesses I owned and now the 8 years of online marketing experience I have – is what makes me more than qualified to give you great advice on how to start and the grow your crafting business.

In fact this website in one of three that i own helping small businesses and creative people break free from the rat race and start doing what hey really love doing and actually make a decent living from that idea or service.



How you can get my help to find cool crafts to make and sell

Quite simply, I will be showing yo the following things a lot of times, in different forms right here on this website.

Firstly I will show you how to do research that will add proof to your ideas that they will either work as a business idea or not.

I cover keyword research and a bunch of other really clever and yet simple methods that you can apply to be certain that your business will be a success.

Then I show you how to do the basics on the craft markets. You will be amazed as to how many people get taught bad habits by experienced crafters and then believe that they are doing it the right way. Just because that aunt who has been on the craft market for 25 years said so…

I will teach you step by step, how to set up a very professional looking website that actually brings you orders. Just having a pretty website is useless if it is not getting your phone ringing. Trust me on this – I am VERY good at this.

I will show you really east to apply social media marketing tricks. I will do detailed videos for you all the time teaching you everything you need to know

Like this below

It will be about Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube marketing.

Plus in this section I will show you the best 3rd party places to list your products – like Etsy and Amazon.


Step by step craft business training


For your crafting business to be a roaring success there are a few things you need to do very well in the beginning.

Once those have been set up correctly, the rest will be repetitive but a lot of fun, because you will be happily into the profitable side of your business by then.

This could take you between 6 months to a year to get to that level, but once you are there you will be happy that you followed my advice.


This is the most important part, and i cover this topic many time here and on my other websites. It will also be done for you a lot on the Facebook group, where you will be able to join in there and ask questions. Your business plan will be part of this section too, and as you can imagine very important too.

Initial manufacturing

In the beginning, you will need to do decent samples, and then test the viability of those items in  a variety of different ways. Naturally by now you will already be in business, but if you are following me, I will have you testing a variety of styles etc in the beginning to see that your research was correct.

Online marketing

This is another section that I am very good at, and will help you with so many details here that you should be able to sleep happily knowing that your crafting business is on track.

I will readily admit that this section will use up a lot of your time or a lot of your money in the beginning. Crafting is something you think will be what you do all day, and then you will be designing and working on craft related content for your website a lot of the day. sorry – but it has to be done.

Stick with me, join the Facebook group add your name to one of my email list and let us get your craft business up and running together.

See this link to go to my page where I will list for you every step you need to take (or consider) to get this make stuff and sell it online business idea going. Courses on things to make and sell

Read answers below to all the frequently asked questions on craft businesses


I am not someone who just presumes that I know everything. Every single day I went out there and researched the most commonly asked questions (LOL I even have a course for you showing you how you can use this research method for your business) and i have taken the trouble to answer all those questions for you here below.

Crafting businesses and craft related product ideas are many – choosing the best craft ideas that you can then manufacture with confidence it the big trick.

Well priced detailed step by step courses will also be offered for the most popular section. Places where it will help you to get a lot more information and informed tips and tricks to get the job done faster and better. Time is money right? To see those courses – Courses to help you with selling products that you have courses and do more to keep 100{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} up to date with everything you will need from me relating to crafts and craft ideas to make and sell online.

What are the most profitable things to make and sell online?


toolsThe first thing would be a product that is searched for and looked up online a lot. The Google keyword tool will tell you those numbers.

The next thing would be if it were easy and cheap to post or deliver. The cost of delivery can easily make or break your product.

Finally you would need to find a product that is not too complicated to manufacture. In fact if it could be turned into a production line item, and still be hand made, you will be onto a winner.

Each niche will have stronger sellers and weaker sellers. The real answer for this question is… Are you prepared to sit down and do a bunch of serious research to see if your product fits into all the above answers. To see how to do decent research please go to my courses page and look for the research course.

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