Top Courses On Things To Make And Sell

Craft or Product Research Course

This is where every business needs to start. This course goes very deep into researching the perfect product for you for your own business.

The idea is simple – if you knew how to do some research that will pinpoint the perfect business for you and that when you start that business it will have the best chance of succeeding.

This is my most important course – and here for the price of a meal.

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How to make money on the craft markets

This has always been my core course.

This course will show you tips and tricks that will make your craft market efforts a complete success.

If you follow my tips and tricks inside this course your turnover on the markets will be as much as 10 times more.

I also cover a lot of other details like choosing the right type of market for your product etc.

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Get More Leads


We all hate that we have to learn so much to be able o compete with the big SEO boffins out there.

BUT, what if I told you there is a way that you can learn easily – and is so powerful right now – LIVE STREAMING – and it is easy to do and will actually get your phone ringing.

I am not sure that the link below is for the paid or the free version

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Start your own bird Feeder manufacturing Business

This is my latest course (OK latest paid course) and it goes deep into details on how to start up a bird-feeder business.

It covers a lot of ground, types of bird feeders different marketing methods and a lot more.

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