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This site is here to help people find products to make and sell online for a better life for themselves.

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How To Find Out What Is Trending in YOUR Niche Right Now!

How To Find Out What Is Trending in YOUR Niche Right Now!

What is trending right now? (Top Trending Topics) How and WHY you should be aware of what the latest trends are in your business niche. Look, if you are just a quizz-lizz and are just curious to learn how to find the latest trends then I welcome you along for this...

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Custom Doors Boston MA – A business Idea Explored

Custom Doors Boston MA – A business Idea Explored

Digging into the idea of a custom door business in the Boston area If you want to start up a door business in Boston MA - especially a custom door business - then this video is going to be really important Local search keywords will be the strongest signal that there...

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Custom Door Business Idea – The keyword Video

Custom Door Business Idea – The keyword Video

This Video shows you how strong the demand is for this custom door business idea This is the first of two videos I have done so far looking into the idea of doing custom doors as a business.   This one looks into the searched for keywords and helps you see what...

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This site will continually show you cool and profitable ideas to make and sell.

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When it comes to craft ideas to make and sell – there are a lot – On this page I will be continually adding craft ideas that you can make and sell from home.

Crafts ideas to make and sell

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When you need a more detailed step by step training system, then I will go and create a course for that problem.

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I will also be focusing a lot on woodworking related products.

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Do You Have Any Questions?

The best place for you to get real answers to any questions that you have will be on the Facebook group that i have started. The link for that will be further down this page.

But for now I have collected a list of the most commonly asked questions online in connection to the term “Things to make and sell”

Please fee free to scroll down this page and see what sort of things are being asked and what answers I have for you there. Thank you

Introduction to the best ways to find make and sell products | Crafts| Things online

If you have been searching for a way to start making something that you can resell for a profit so that you will have your own business – then you have arrived at the right place.

I will not only be showing you a lot of great ideas for products that you can make and sell, I will be showing you HOW to sell those products too.


Who am I? – I am Robert Bruce Anderson

I have a ton of experience in both sides of offline and online selling.

I am/was a crafter for over 30 years. I have had many different businesses where I made things and sold them on the craft markets and the flea markets.

Then 8 years ago I came online to sell my stuff and fell in love with marketing online.

I have now taught, built sites for and helped hundreds of small business owners sell more stuff.


How will I help you find stuff to make and sell?

One – I will go over a general explanation of all that is covered on this subject here on this page.

I will cover all the most commonly asked questions on how to make and sell crafts and things on the internet.

Two – I will show you how to find and research the best ideas.

How to be 100{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} sure that you will be starting from day one with a winning product.

I guarantee that this section will be your biggest revelation.

I am very good at this section – I promise you

Three – I will show you the best ways to build and set up your website to get the maximum amount of sales from your product.

Four – I will show you the alternatives to paying for advertising…

This will cover the paid places too.

It will be about Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube marketing.

Plus in this section I will show you the best 3rd party places to list your products – like Etsy and Amazon.


General Overview on things to make and sell

The idea of finding something that you will be able to manufacture and sell from home is one that millions of people have thought of, but very few get past the thought.

Then, of those who are crafters and other people who do get to actually make a few products with the idea of selling them, very few of those ever get to make money from those items.

Finally out of the hundreds who are making things, and even making a profit, very few get to the levels where you are making a profit of over $5000 a month.

You see, it is fully understandable if you give it a bit of thought. You will have to learn to so many things correctly…

You will have to learn how to find a profitable product

It will need to be something you are capable of manufacturing

It will need to fit into your budget

You will then need to learn how to make a decent quality version of that product.

You will need to lean to make a complete range of options of that product to sell

Then you will need to learn how to streamline a production line to make the best selling lines the most profitable ones inside your business.

Along the way, you will have had to learn how to run books and do budgeting and banking and taxes etc.

Then you will need to learn how to sell – from your home showroom or on the craft markets or direct to retailers.

OR you will need to learn how to sell online.

The online side alone is quite a lot to learn. Websites, SEO, social media, back linking, content creation and more.

Have I scared you a little bit here?

Do not worry.

I am going to show you step by step what you need to do to get started. As you go along, you will find that as long as you are actually taking action, you will be doing better than 95{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} of all the others who start.

Do more that the first few steps and your business will be up and running.

See this link to go to my page where I will list for you every step you need to take (or consider) to get this make stuff and sell it online business idea going. Courses on things to make and sell


From this point onward, I will list and answer all those questions that people have been asking online on this subject.

You see, as part of my own marketing skills, I have found a way to find what people are asking, and feel that if I address those questions here for you to see, everybody will benefit.

If others are asking this, then surely you need to know that answer too.

Finally for those of you who were already serious enough to be reading this at this point, I will be offering you a few other things.

Free stuff and free reports will be something that I already have a lot of, and will probably be adding to that collection all the time. Use this link – to see what I have there (It will open in a new window)

Well priced detailed step by step courses will also be offered for the most popular section. Places where it will help you to get a lot more information and informed tips and tricks to get the job done faster and better. Time is money right? To see those courses – Courses to help you with selling products that you have made.

What are the most profitable things to make and sell online?

toolsThe first thing would be a product that is searched for and looked up online a lot. The Google keyword tool will tell you those numbers.

The next thing would be if it were easy and cheap to post or deliver. The cost of delivery can easily make or break your product.

Finally you would need to find a product that is not too complicated to manufacture. In fact if it could be turned into a production line item, and still be hand made, you will be onto a winner.

Each niche will have stronger sellers and weaker sellers. The real answer for this question is… Are you prepared to sit down and do a bunch of serious research to see if your product fits into all the above answers. To see how to do decent research please go to my courses page and look for the research course.

What are the easiest things to make and sell online?

clockFirstly I will need to point out to you that some things seem easy if you are skilled at doing that sort of thing.

For example an experienced glass blower can produce amazing items in mere minutes, so you will need to consider your skills here to properly answer your question.

Sometimes you can combine items that are already made and the combination is the “made” thing that you can then sell.

Gift baskets are a very good example of items that are a combination of bought items and your creativity. I would suggest that you draw up a list of your interests and then your skills and then look to find a combination of those two things to find a list of ideas for you to consider producing.

When you get to a smaller list to work on, I suggest that you look closer at those items that are quicker to manufacture.

Please remember that often the perceived value is in the quality of the work.

What are some fun things that I can make and sell better online?

theaterWhenever anyone asks me a question that combines the words |fun |make | sell |online, I light up like a pinball machine.


Well you see, for me, the perfect business is where you combine what you love doing and business. That way you will have your own business making something you enjoy and will find it easier for you to make a profit.

So, to answer that question I suggest the following steps. (if you scratch around on this website you will find a course that teaches you how to do exactly this)

Step one – brainstorming your ideas

You need to sit down and make a list of everything you love and love to do. All your hobbies and interests.

Then you need to sit and think up possible items that you could make and see within each of those ideas or hobbies.

When you have an extensive list you need to move on to step two.

Step Two – Check to see if there is a demand for those items on your list.

This is a fun part, but you will need to learn how to do this step. It involves some keyword research. (free training here)

Once you have done a LOT of keyword research you will already have a much better ideas as to which of your”fun” ideas are showing up as in demand and look like people are actually searching for them in big numbers.

Step Three – Here you will need to graduate to more detailed research.

The important thing when you start to do detailed research will cut out product ideas that are either too hard to manufacture or are not that easy to sell easily.

This research will tell you things like…

  • Will they sell locally?
  • Will they sell on craft markets?
  • Can I supply local stores and still make a profit?
  • Will local stores even buy from me?
  • Is the product easy to post and ship to buyers?
  • Is the demand local, national or international?

This sort or detail in researching your product idea will be vital to the end profits that you will eventually make with your idea.

If you keep visiting this website, or sigh up to my email list, or better yet, go to the Facebook group and join up there, I will be adding a lot of new ideas and opportunities all the time.

Plus if you are on the Facebook group you will be able to actually ask me to look into a specific idea that you would like to find out more on.

Where to find the best things to make and sell online?

awardThere are a lot of different ways to do the sort of research you are asking about here.

One – check out your local craft markets and see what items are selling well. Do not just sail through the market at high speed. spend the entire day there. See and learn.

Two – go to your local mall and see what sells well there – you can normally do that by seeing what is featured on the display corners of a store – and then see if it is a product that you could make to sell

Three – go and dig through Etsy. I have another Etsy research website that I give you in my research course where you will be able to see who are the bestselling product owners, and what they are selling the fastest.

Amazon – This is a fantastic place to see what is selling well, and then see if it is something you could reproduce as a business idea.

I have many more ways for you to see what works and what doesn’t when it comes to doing a bit of research. See a course of mine right here

If I make cheaper things will they sell online?

shoppingbag2This is a topic that can be debated for years and you will still not have an answer.

If you are serious about an answer here, this is what you will need to do.

Keyword research will tell you if people are looking up that exact item for cheaper. There will be keywords like “coupon for xyz” and  “best price for XYZ” and many variations of those types of keyword searches.

That is the safest way for you to decide to try the cheaper route.

My main comment here – THIS  IS IMPORTANT

If you are going to manufacture an item to sell online in large numbers, then you need that product to be one that you can mass produce – even if you are making it by hand.

That is the most important thing that you should get from asking this question.

So, my answer is yes and no. Sorry. Some items should be expensive so that you get your rewards for your efforts, and there is perceived value in a higher price.

Other things could easily be made fast and cheap – IF there is a very high demand for that item.

You will have to decide.

How do I actually sell the things that I make online?

boxI love this question because this is one of the biggest things I teach online.

I love that there are 20 decent ways for you to sell your products online. (OK so I made up the 20, but there are probably 200 ways)

The best way by far is to have your own self hosted website (I will build you a premium one for free – with strings attached – Go here)

But then there are a dozen other places like Amazon, Etsy and EBay.

I cover all these marketing methods in all my videos courses and freebies.

I cover stuff like social media marketing, classifieds, paid advertising and a lot more.

If you are serious to learn, then scroll back up and add your name to the free product and you will be on one of my email lists. I will always add freebies and more for my list subscribers.

Do your marketing the right way and you will become a wealthy person. True story!

Will popular items sell better online even if there is bigger competition?

todoThere is always more competition for the most popular items.

I will even add that for some of the biggest things online the competition is massive, like credit cards, car hire and weight loss.

But even in those niches there is a lot of leeway for normal people to get a lot of business out of that market.

One way is to become the most powerful in your local market.

Another way is to sell you product in a slightly different way.

For example, if the jewelry keywords are hard to rank for on Google then just target gifts for hr.

Another example is if you cannot rank for lose weight, go for gain confidence.

Plus with the extremely popular items that you are trying to sell, there is always thousands of long tailed keywords for you to go after.

If you are serious and very hard working, you can even rank for the ultra competitive keywords.

You are the one who will need to decide if the work is worth the reward. I can show you how. I promise, it is all very easy to do, it just is a lot of daily work.

Where can I find a list of the best things to consider making to sell online?

projectI have a double answer for you to this question.

The first answer is for you to go to my Facebook group and from there stay connected and I will continually add new and great ideas for you to consider. Part two of the first answer is to also be on my email list – scroll up to the top of this page and add your email. I will be sending you stuff there too.

If you ask on the Facebook group, I will compile lists elated to specific niches. For example, I can do a list of good ideas in the jewelry niche, or some ideas for the wedding niche, or perhaps for the gift basket niche.

Did you know that there are more than 100 crafting categories alone? Therefore if you chose just one category, for example knife making, I could do some research into how you would find what knives are popular, and show you the best places to sell them.

The second answer is for you to do the research, firstly via the Google keyword tool, combine that with the top sellers on Etsy and other places like Amazon.

Will anything I make sell easily?

Believe it or not this question is asked a lot online.

searchI am amazed, surely it would be obvious that not everything will sell easily?

Some items get very few searches online and then your competition for that item is thousands of other people doing the same thing. Other items that you could make and sell get millions of searches and you could survive and even get rich just from your local community.

This is why it is so important for you to do detailed research. Earlier this year I made a course – in a lot of detail – on making bird feeders. It is only $20.00, and in that course I go into a lot of detail on how you can do the research for a bird feeder manufacturing business.

However, I do point out an interesting fact. In the real world LOL, everybody I know – or almost everybody I know – has a bird feeder in their garden. But the searches are in fact very low.

This tells me that they do buy bird feeders, but do so on impulse, and the store, at the nursery and at craft markets.

Let me leave you with this comment – when you have done all your research, stir things up on the Facebook group with enough comments from other people, I will look into it for you.

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