Are You Serious About Finding Things To Make And Sell?

Discover the joy of working for yourself

Bird-feeder Business

What about manufacturing bird feeders?

Jewelry Business

Jewelry ideas are so plentiful – Choose a sub niche if you are serious about getting a lot of business. You could focus on weddings, or anniversary gifts or more. Do decent keyword research.

The online side on this business is massive as you can ship your products all over the world very cheaply. I suggest that you keep within a niche. See more below…

Gift Baskets

This is a very easy product to make and sell. It is your marketing that will make you either rich or poor. This is another niche that needs a decent online presence with decent keyword research

Furniture Ideas

Furniture manufacture is a skill, but if you can do that then this is a really great local service business. This is one that also needs keyword research and a decent online presence. ask me how 🙂

I made and sold furniture from my back yard for over 10 years as a full time business.

Wedding Product Ideas

Wedding items are very easy to do as a business. There is always a massive demand. The real (and almost only) trick is to get connected. This business is all about networking. I will do more details later on this – watch this space

Pet Product Ideas

Pet owners spend a lot on their pets. In fact they are addicted, so all you need to do is to do decent marketing so that they see your stuff continually. Get started today.

You can combine your pet items with a pet related blog and get double the income from advertising alone. Pets are popular.

Options In The Work From Home Business

Large Variety Of Ideas & Options

I am still going to be adding a LOT of written content her and it will be directly connected to the Facebook Group.

This is how it will work…

You will go and join the Facebook group and ask for help or suggest an idea that needs looking into. I will then do some research into that business idea and make a video on that niche or topic.

In some cases I will do even more than one video – especially if there is a few requests for a look into that aspect or idea.

I am going to be honest and even a lot blunt. If I think your idea stinks or is weak, I will say so. If I think your idea is brilliant and will work like gang busters, I will say so too.

You see, if you contracted me to do personal research for you I charge $100 an hour and am very strict about it (the time taken). But if you ask on the group, and I am doing it for this website, then you get the help for free, but it will be posted up here for the entire world to see and share.

Do not worry that your idea will be copied and then you will not make any money with it. You see there is enough space 100 times over in this world for all of us to do what we are passionate about and still have enough business to go around. Share your ideas and you could be rewarded.

The first few ideas below might be mine – but as the group grows I expect that there will be a lot more asks that I can manage.


Your Idea Here

Go and join the Facebook group. Ask for my help there.

Your Idea Here

Go and join the Facebook group. Ask for my help there. Then come back and see your idea shown right here in this spot

Your Idea Here

Go and join the Facebook group. Ask for my help there. Then come back and see your idea shown right here in this spot

Your Idea Here

Go and join the Facebook group. Ask for my help there. Then come back and see your idea shown right here in this spot

Research ALL The Options & Possibilities

Click this link to go to the free training on how to sell more crafts

marketing a craft business


Do Your Research

I will be making a video in detail on how to decent research for your product ideas for you to enjoy. When it is done I will add a link from here Here we go – How to research the best possible product for your handmade business

Getting Started

90{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} of the time you need to test your new product ideas in a certain way – friends, craft markets, stores etc.

I will be doing a detailed video here on how you should look into doing this. The link will follow when the video is done.

Get all the craft marketing training here

Split your income sources

I am going to do another video here on how to split your income streams to give yourself the maximum amount of safety and income security. The video link will follow when it is ready.

Every possible way to market your handmade items

03Free Downloads

I have an ever growing collection of free products that might help you in your efforts with your business ideas – Click here for those work from home reports

03Courses Available

This would only be for those who are taking this make and sell things gig seriously. If you think that you need to get going as fast as possible, you might want to fast track it all with some excellent courses on starting a home business

03News and Ideas

As I develop this website, I will be adding a lot of detailed videos with a lot of hints and tips that you could use with starting up your manufacturing business. To see the latest news please click here


If you need to ask questions then the Facebook group is the best place to start. It is still new, but will grow over time. Please use this link to go and join the group – Facebook Crafting Link Group

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