Interview The Business Owner

Interview – Promotional

This would be where I interview the owner of the business with the intent to give YOUR business exposure via my social media and websites.

Each situation will be slightly different but basically, I would send you a questionnaire that you fill in, and then I do a video on those answers, backed by images that you would have supplied me.

This would then get you social media activity and would get a full page on one of my websites and you gain a relevant back link to your website.

Interview – Instructional

This one is if you are willing to do a different interview video where you give valuable advice to new business owners who are just starting out in the woodworking business.

Your audience will be worldwide and very unlikely to be your local opposition, so that should not be a concern to you.

Your skills and experience will go very far in helping others start up their own woodworking businesses.

This sort of interview will be shared on my social media platforms a LOT MORE and the above interview.

Website Analysis

Analyzing The Online Side Of Your Business

Your online business, IE your website and your social media is there for one purpose only – To get your phone ringing with buyers on the other end.

There are a lot of tools available that will do a detailed analysis of the technical side of your website, but I prefer to do an eyeballing video first.

I will do a FREE VIDEO look into your business – or rather the online side of it.

These are the main topics I look into…

Keywords and Demand – Your main products as seen from a keyword or demand point of view. I look to see how strong the demand is for your products through what people are actually searching for.

Your website – I check to see how up to date the site is, how impressive your images are, how fast your site loads, Are you ranking for the main keywords that you are targeting, if you need content, and is there a decent “take action” button or link and more.

Your SEO – This is a look into how you seem to be doing your SEO and if it is OK or in serious trouble.

Your social media – This is a short peep into how strong your social media looks. To be honest this is not really necessary as you will know if it is working or not.

Other streams of income – Sometimes I will suggest that you have a new lead generating site. I will also look into your products and make some suggestions on if there are easy ways to split your income streams with things like courses. or a wider range of products and more.

I do NOT do hard sell stuff. I show you thing, I tell you the truth and I give you that without any pressure at all.

I have a simple theory – if you need something I can do and want it, you will tell me. I will not need to try to trick you into doing anything at all.

That works out far better for me, plus I am a one man business anyway, so can only handle one big client at a time.

Free Premium Website

I will Install a basic Premium Website (WordPress) for You.

This is obviously only needed if you either do not have a website yet or would like to start up a new one designed for lead generation.

It is quite simple – If you use my affiliate link to get the hosting that you will need anyway – I will build you the premium website. It has a value of around $200.00 so is not a big website anyway.

I will add a link below, but you get a few “legal” pages and the home page and the about us page and a contact us page.

I will build Woodworking related websites that you can choose from (themes and styles) to allow you to have an almost instant look and feel for your new website.

Find out more using this link  – FREE PREMIUM WEBSITE DONE FOR YOU



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