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I review the Jim Morgan woodprofits course in detail below – I then go on to list a set of valuable bonuses that I feel are vital to any woodworking business. Please read to the very end to see why I suggest a specific set of actions that you should take if you are serious about starting up a woodworking business.

woodprofits course review page

I am not a normal marketing person. So, I need to point out a small fact first before you get started reading my review. If you are really serious about starting a proper woodworking business of any sort, then you really will absorb every small detail I am telling you here. I am not fart-arsing around on this page writing all these details down for fun (OK, so I do have fun) but I need to make sure that you understand every word I tell you here – for the success of your business.


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This is the detailed review of the Woodprofits Course By Jim Morgan – How to start your own woodworking business

Introduction – Am I qualified to review this course?

Hi, I am Robert Bruce Anderson, I have been self-employed for 35 years, I have owned a few furniture businesses and now do detailed online marketing. I was a decorator, I was a top kitchen designer, did wall units and built in cupboards. For 15 years I manufactured garden furniture, patio furniture, and hammocks. For the last 8 years, I have been developing websites, teaching people how to make money online and doing online marketing.

Who is this course for?

The course is aimed at starting a woodworking business of your own. So naturally it would encompass all variations of the furniture business, but it also crosses over into the gift and crafting niches. It will still be a massive help to anyone who is starting up a toy manufacturing business (out of wood) or starting a wood related gifts business like candle holders etc. I will explain more of this later.

What the course offers

The course covers everything you need to get your woodworking business up and running, it also has a lot of related aspects that are part of the course that I will cover in detail here below.

The detailed review per section of the course

I have done a short video review of each of the components that are included in the course – I will add the link for you to see the video reviews at the end of this section

DISCLAIMER – (Sorry for the truth here) I am a pedantic old bastard – I never do anything fast, I look into something long and hard before I take that first step (deciding to recommend this course or not). Therefore I need to tell you that I have had my copy of this course for a few months already, while I looked into it in detail. BUT, I admit that I got the entire course – upsells and everything. AND now I am not totally sure anymore what sections were included in the core package and what was included in the upsells. Sorry for that. I think I got it right.

The core Product

This includes the Woodprofits main PDF guide and is worth the purchase price and more all on its own.

Inside the guide, you get all the advice that you need to get your woodworking business started up correctly. They even cover the one aspect that I show as a negative further along in this review. That topic is the online marketing side – and while their advice is 100% correct, I know that from experience most people need a lot more details to get that side of your business right. That is why I have added free bonuses for you to expand upon that aspect of your woodworking business.

My overall review here is a 100% good review. Why? The tiny cost of this product is minuscule compared to the costly mistakes you can make down the line in your business if you never knew these important details that will affect your business forever.

Then included in the core package you get the Top 10 Most Profitable Craft Guides, and this is also a bonus they included that  feel is worth the purchase price as it is.

(This is a section that I will be creating a detailed research video for you on my facebook group on each one of these top 10 items and more – that is the very idea of the Facebook Group – to help you get a better focus on your marketing)

The next item is the Audio Transcript guides. A lot of people never take the trouble to listen to the audio transcripts, and let me tell you why that is totally STUPID!!! The core product that you are looking to buy is about starting up a real woodworking business. I know what everybody does – because I do the same – You read the book once or twice, make some notes and start your business. BUT two weeks down the line you have forgotten a massively important aspect, and take a path that could cost you a lot of money. Now, if you took the trouble to put those audio transcripts into a mp3 player and played it when you drive your truck or sat on the toilet, and did it over and over again – you will never forget an important part that will benefit your business.

The final item in the core product is the 500 plus craft plans. Damn – I loved that part. I am an addict for ideas and this section had me busy for a long time. Remember that I am also an online marketer, and teach people (private clients) how o generate leads for their businesses online. These ideas had me doing keyword research and getting all excited about how powerful some of these ideas were. Well, worth getting the entire course just for this extra item.

Use this link to get the course and the bonuses

VIP Delux Package

Right, some of you will have bought the deluxe VIP package and to be honest, I applaud you for doing that.

Let me explain why.

Like I have mentioned before, if you know you are definitely going to start up any form of woodworking business, then i say that you need all the input (fro help) that you can get.

Remember a silly choice or mistake, in the beginning, can cost you a lot of money down the line, but the tiny price of the upsell here is worth it.

So, first up are the contract agreements – 7 of them, and even if you only ever use one of these you will be so happy that you have it when the day arrives that you need a contract for leasing, or supply agreement or whatever.

Remember – you are a woodworking person first and should do your best to avoid things like legal contracts.

Then you get the 1000 contracts and forms. For me, I would treat this like a backup – there just in case, and I might never need it or I might need it weekly. Watch the video I did on this review to see what is included in that part.

150 Premium Craft Plans

Man, this another one of those that derailed me for hours. No jokes, I am so addicted to ideas and plans that I was searching Google for images to see related things looked like and more.

I love that you get given a head start with these plans. Now, I need to add here that I am really stupid when it comes to following plans to the tee. But, in truth, I do not care as long as I get it almost like they told me – LOL. This is an evil truth in my life, I was never good at following instructions, BUT without this list of 150 plans, I would never have had the inspiration to get so many cool ideas. (This section is one that I am going to be doing long business idea videos on each and ever one of these plan ideas over the next year or so.)

Ultimate Woodworking Resource

OK, these are the woodworking guides and woodworking tips that you get. The truth is that these alone are worth ten times more than you would have paid for the whole caboodle.

Now, I am not going to bullshit you on these tips being a complete course all on their own. There are something like 60 to 80 guides here. each one is just that, a guide, a PDF. But it gets you thinking, it explains stuff and in truth, if you are still stuck for even more details, at least you will know what exact problem to search for online.

This is another section that you need to watch the details in the video review to see more about what you get.

Use this link to get the course and the bonuses


What is good about this product

The positive aspects of this course far outweigh the negative side of the complete product. As you can see in my detailed descriptions above I think that they have covered all the sections that they need for you to get your business started very well – but for the single issue, I will list below.

I do need to say it out loud


What is bad about the product

The course does not lie to you about what it offers you, but because I am a marketing specialist I think that They should have added a module or two that will help you get leads. As you are probably aware you can have the best products, the most competitive pricing, the highest quality items, but will not be in business very long if you have no customers.

Now, they do cover some simple basics, and that helps a bit. There are sections within the course that will cover you needing a website and more.

THE SOLUTION? I have added a lot of bonuses that will completely solve the issues that I feel have not been covered by their course.

The bonuses I offer you will solve that final step that you will have to do if you want your phone to start ringing non-stop with buyer traffic. Please, double check that you have seen HOW you will get my bonuses, and that you do not make a mistake. You MUST use my affiliate link to be able to claim my bonuses.

Use this link to get the course and the bonuses


This first bonus is a detailed series of videos that will show you how to go about researching the most profitable woodworking product that you are able to manufacture. It covers a variety of ways to get a solid look at how big the demand is for your ideas. This will be included for free but is for sale here for $9.70

This second bonus is a complete course on how to set up a birdfeeder business. This course of mine will go a very long way towards complementing the Woodprofits course. It includes mindmaps, it has a lot of detailed videos and more. This is valued at more than $27, but is FREE as a bonus.

This third  bonus is my original core “how to sell better on the craft markets” course. This was my “baby” for a long time. I do plan to turn it into a series of detailed videos and will then sell it for at least $90. But for now I will be adding it in here for you as a bonus. See all the details right here

The next bonus is my Get-More-leads course. Right now it still works like gangbusters. It is brilliant for local search leads. I show you what you need to do to get your telephone ringing for all those powerful local search listings. It will also work for normal video marketing and a lot more. I admit that I am aware that live-streaming is about to take that over, and will do a replacement course as soon as that happens.

This bonus is always a freebie but will be a nice backup for your knowledge on the items you will need to know and set up for your marketing of your business to work best. I think it is 4 videos and will show you some excellent tricks for your business. If you cannot afford the course (the Woodprofits one) then you could email me and ask for a copy of this alone.

Finally, a bonus to help you with your WordPress setup. I offer a lot of free training for WordPress and it is a tool that is 100% necessary for your business. Never forget that fact.

FREE PREMIUM WEBSITE. This bonus comes with a single string attached. You will need to use my affiliate link to get your hosting. But once you have done that, I will build you a $250 premium WordPress website for free. You will get more details from me once you have set up the hosting. see more details here

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