A course that is designed to help new woodworking business owners find the most profitable woodworking business ideas and show how to set up their business.

The course covers the following topics.

  • How to choose a great woodworking product idea
  • How to research if that idea will be profitable
  • How to set your products on the markets
  • How to set up your online side
  • I supply you with a list of tips and links to help you get started.
  • There are 31 videos in this course
  • I also add a PDF and a mind map.
  • I have a short course version
  • Everything you need to get started.

woodworking-videosVideo Number One – Introduction

I introduce myself and show you what you can expect from this course.

woodworking-videosVideo Number Two – Short Cut

I show you a short cut method. This is a short video, and not meant to be taken seriously.

woodworking-videosVideo Number Three -Research one

The research phase of your business is so important that I have spread it over 5 videos.

woodworking-videosVideo Number Four – Research video two

Why do such detailed research? What if your idea was only the third most profitable idea? This one is craft market research

woodworking-videosVideo Number Five – Research Video Three

In this research video, I look into magazine and shopping mall research for your niche ideas

woodworking-videosVideo Number Six – Fourth research video

In this research video, I cover the online shopping aspects of your business.

woodworking-videosVideo Number seven – Final research video

To see more on what I cover in all these research videos, you can go to see the mind map for details.

woodworking-videosVideo Number Eight – Business Plan

All your research will be put into a detailed business plan laying out all the costs and profits for you to see clearly

woodworking-videosVideo Number Nine – Testing your market

By now you are actually in business and are just fine tuning it. The details are in the video.

woodworking-videosVideo Number Ten – Marketing Part One

The niche you will have chosen should already have a demand. I show you how to go about getting calls

woodworking-videosVideo Number Eleven – Marketing number two

The marketing side of your business needs to be done perfectly, so that your “machine” will run on its own, and the phone will keep on ringing

woodworking-videosVideo Number Twelve – Final Marketing Video

Again, if you look at the mind map you will see the main points I cover in the marketing videos

woodworking-videosVideo Number Thirteen – Conclusion

I cover what you have learned and wish you well in this video. I remind you of the important bits

A detailed mind-map for you to use as a reference


There is a PDF version of the mind map and an image version

14 Videos full of tips and tricks to help you get everything right in your business

You can pick and choose from these to see which ones you need and which you do not. I try to cover the main things that you will need to get the online side of your business set up correctly. You are not going to need all of these.

woodworking-videosTips Videos – All About Information

I cover the following topics inside these videos

  1. Domains
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Filesharing – SEO
  4. Free Premium Website
  5. Hosting Options
  6. Keywords and content creation
  7. SEO Services
  8. Shopify
  9. Some of my courses
  10. Web design
  11. What is MISSING
  12. Wood and shed plans
  13. Wood profits course
  14. Your Own App

While I admit that quite a few of these cover my services and courses, the idea is to openly show you all the options that you could consider doing to enhance your business. For the record, I only do ONE website for clients a month, so it is not like I am doing any hard selling. I am straight forward about this sort of thing. You will see that in the videos.


Because I have set this entire course as a free download, it hardly matters that I was considering selling it at $67.00

I am 100% sure that the value is in there but am happy that you might use some of the affiliate links in there and I will make some commissions.

If you do finish the course and really feel I have over delivered, then you are welcome to send me any amount you feel is worth it via my PayPal account. rob@designsmith.co.za


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What is the catch?

This seems too good to be true, but the long term vision for this is to give away the core course as a free item, and then do specialized videos and courses for the specific niches in the future.

The free short look into specific niche ideas will be on the facebook group, and then over time I will be doing in-depth courses for the bigger more popular products.

See below for a list of some of those that might be in the future.

Is there enough information in this course to start for free?

Yes and no. You see even the smallest business will need a real hosted WordPress website for the business. That will have a small monthly cost (not to me)

But after that, you could choose a route that is very low cost.

In truth, a woodworking business is always going to cost some money, money for tools and for the wood and the consumables.

If you really do have a shortage of money, then you could blog about woodworking and still make a very good living. You will need to ask me how on the facebook group.

Then on the other extreme, you could pay for everything to be done for you.

But a fitted workshop, buy the branding, the stock, the samples and even pay up to $6000 for the complete marketing website machine to be built for you. But I suspect that for 90% of woodworking businesses you will never need those levels – unless you want to be national fast.

What are the future niches that will be looked into?

I will be doing one detailed niche course at a time. I do not promise any time schedule for this.

While I will be doing deeper niche videos on the facebook group, for things like wood turned lamp stands or wooden blocks for children, I will also be doing big niche courses in detail.

Those will be taken (more or less) from this list…

  • Garden items
  • Desks and Office Furniture
  • Doors
  • Chairs and benches
  • Sheds
  • Puzzles
  • Wooden toys
  • Windows
  • Bar items (like Wine racks)
  • Jewelry and jewelry boxes
  • pens
  • Frames of all types
  • Bowls and spoons
  • dog kennels
  • Flooring
  • Decks
  • Steps
  • Tables of all types
  • Kitchen units
  • Bathroom and bedroom furniture
  • Built in cupboards and wall units
  • Supplying the craft industry
  • Others that you will tell me about on the facebook group
How do I stay in touch with what is new?

Almost everything will find its way onto my websites (there are about 5 in this system) and also onto the facebook group.

BUT, the only way that you can be sure to see the newest things, get all the special offers and more will be to get onto and stay on the email list. It is as simple as that. Everything will be offered there first.

How accessible will I be to you?

Your conatct contacted to be via the facebook group.

Any questioning emails will be told to go to the facebook group.

Orders can be done via the email contact forms on the websites. However, ordering of my services will be limited as I will be doing most of the work myself and that will not allow too much free time.

How detailed is this course?

The total of video time for all the videos is around 4 and a half hours.

But you do not need to watch every single one.

The details are heavily in favor of doing the best research possible.

My theory is that time spent being 100% certain that you have chosen the very best combinations for your business will mean that you become profitable faster and stay there forever.

I will also focus heavily on the online marketing side of your business, simply because when that is done right, your phone will ring and never stop.


What are the biggest gaps in my courses?

At no point in any of my courses do I even try to show you how to do woodworking.

The courses are all about helping you choose the best combination of fun to make, easy to make, most profitable and most in demand items for your business ideas.

The three things I do not stress on are…

The actual manufacturing process

The details of your actual business plan. I do cover a lot of details around it, but you will need some external help there – especially if you are going to apply for financing at an financial institution.

The local rules and regulations that you will need to adhere to for your local areas. For example, in some places you will not be allowed to run machinery from your home, other places will be very strict on safety etc.

You need to look into those aspects yourself.

All the rest is included in the course.