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59 TIPS on How to SELL MORE Jewelry

A 49 Page Free Report Full of Tips on How To sell Your Jewelry

There are tips on product choice, Tips on researching the demand for your ideas, tips on the craft markets, tips on keyword research and all the online marketing tactics that you need to know but do not have the time to waste learning what to do and how to do it.

Why am I giving so much information away for free?

I have many years of craft marketing experience, I have many years of online marketing and web design experience, BUT I am still a one-man business, so I can only work with a few clients at a time.

However, I love helping people, so I decided to put in all these tips for those of you who need help getting more sales. My way of giving back for all the success I have had with my businesses over the years. And anyway, there are a few affiliate links in there, so if you did choose to take some of my advice I might make a few commissions.

Years of Experience.
All in one report. Free to you today.

Look, you need to know that this is not – I repeat – NOT a sales page. This is simply a very detailed free report designed to give you some help in doing better marketing for your jewellery business.

BUT, I really want to point out a major fact.

If you read this report, and found just ONE great tip, and applied it, and then your sales jumped by any percentage – would that have been worth it?

What if you found 10 tips to apply from my report?

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Come on in and look at some of the things I have for you to read about – always related to things that you could make to sell.

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59 Jewellery Marketing Tips


This is my personal advice from many years of crafting and marketing my own businesses. I have been doing online marketing for 10 years now and include that advice here in this report.

However, This advice can no way be taken as a guarantee that if you apply any of this advice that it will work for you as well as it has for my own businesses or as well as I say it will.

I have no control over how you apply my advice and encourage you to think and research any of the aspects I talk about here on your own.


This report is for advice on how you can go through your jewellery business marketing systems and see where there are places that you can work on to improve your sales.

Jewellery designers and manufacturers are mostly artists and should not be expected to be experts on every aspect of the marketing of the products that they produce.

With that in mind, I have compiled this report to cover the three main aspects of your jewellery business.

  • The actual product, it’s quality and pricing.
  • The offline marketing systems you use, for example, craft markets – wholesaling etc.
  • The online marketing methods. IE listings, classifieds, social media and your website.

 actual Product tips

These tips are all about your physical product and things that you can look into to improve sales.

 Tip Number One – Research and adjust your prices if necessary

General research and keyword research.

People will always recognise a great product price combination and buy from whoever has that in their arsenal.

What you need to do is check out your competition. In stores and on the craft markets and online.

You will be looking at their quality and price combinations so that you will be knowledgeable enough to be better than your opposition. That will not only give you confidence in your product when selling it but will be a fact that buyers do notice.

From my experience manufacturers tend to underprice their products. Remember that if your items are of a high quality and are a great design and meet the buyer’s needs, they will pay the price.

See my free course that has a bit of the product research covered in the course – you can find the link in the links section further on in this report.

 Tip Number two – Research if your product is a best seller in your niche.

This is more of a tip for new jewellery business owners who have just started their businesses.

What people tend to do is manufacture things that they felt like making, or were taught to make, or just liked the idea.

This does not necessarily mean that your product is the best option that you could be making to sell.

FOR EXAMPLE – A little bit of research will quickly show you that “Engagement Rings” are far more in demand than “Retirement Rings” – OK, that example might have been a little exaggerated, but I think you know what I mean.

A Better example would be comparing jewellery for horse lovers VS jewellery for fairy lovers.

Once your research starts to show you that there is a big demand for an item – and preferably with low competition, your niche or product choice could then be expanded to include an entire range of products. (EG. – so then you might never make Fairy pendants ever again, and make a massive variety of horse-related jewellery)

Some links to more detailed reports and courses on this product research aspect can be found in the links section.

 Tip Number three  – Research your perfect “Buyer”

Have I mentioned to you that I have a problem with being far too honest yet?

I am the sort of person who will happily tell the truth and the consequences are not always good.

Here is one for you to enjoy.

I know that doing detailed research into that perfect buyer profile is probably going to help you plan and market your product better.

And yet, I never do it, for me it is far too much work to work out who is that – in my opinion – elusive perfect-buyer. Instead I rely on keyword research to tell me who is actually looking up the things I sell.

There are places that will give you details that might help your research into perfectly aimed marketing – I suggest that you use free YouTube training as a start for this. Please beware of fools on YouTube too.

Use this keyword search term to start – ideal customer avatar template

Oh, one site that works for this sort of research is…

I had to tell you this tip even though I do not think it helps. But it must, I suspect, because a lot of very good marketers say so. (The main guy at Digital Marketer is no fool, as far as I know, he makes more than 10 Million dollars a month. And that fact was something I read 4 years ago. He is probably a bit further than that by now)


Tip Number four  – Improve your quality

I know that it seems like an obvious thing to look at, but I am talking about the quality of your items, the quality of your packaging, the quality of your everything.

In fact, take this thought right to every tiny aspect of how your buyers see you. I am talking about your image, your clothing, your jewellery – Plan it all the help you get sales.

Small details all add up to a client being far happier, far more likely to not complain, far more likely to refer you in the future.

Invite that pickiest member of your family over for a cup of coffee and set them to criticising your stuff.

But do not take it personally.

It will increase your sales a lot.

Tip Number five  – Increase your range

Add expensive items.

If everything that you make is more or less within a price range it can limit sales.

(Please note that this is something I proved many times when working on the markets)

Make around 5{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} of your products very expensive. Either by making them far more complicated, far bigger or by using expensive materials.

This works in two different ways.

Firstly there are a lot of people (those that can afford it) who WANT to pay more. They want to feel like they bought the best option available. Some also buy up because they want to brag about how much something  cost. Allow them to spend their money with you.

Then this next things is what happens more often. People pitch up at your booth (or onto your shop page on your website) and look around.

Most of the time they will spot the fancier more expensive version and ask the price of that one.

You would have made it higher than it should normally be.

They react with shock – and then ask how much is “X” and this is normally the items that you sell the most of and have the most stock on display. You then tell them that price and they think in their heads “Oh, Ok, that’s more like it”.

In fact, when I used to test this method, they would actually sigh with relief and tell me that they are relieved that the rest is affordable.

Your sales will go up.

Just for transparency sake – I tested this in three different market products I sold.

When I sold padded hammock chairs, I would have a fancy full leather version on display as my expensive one.

And did sell quite a few of those as a bonus.

With the temporary tattoos (where I learned to apply this trick) I would show people the huge patterns that were 5 times the price, and then before they ran away, I would show them the normal range. It worked so well.

When I did jewellery it was the same too.

And then add cheap items.


A bargain bin with old stock, stock with errors on them, stock that you bought and never made yourself etc.

Sadly there are far more people looking for a bargain that one’s looking for a quality item.

Supply them, most of the time my profits were low in the bargain bin department, but they paid for the booking, for my fuel, for my lunch and more. Well worth it.

In some cases you might need to be careful here as cheap rubbish could dent your brand or image, so choose what I call cheap stuff carefully.

Look at the links section at the end of this report for a link to my craft marketing course.

 Tip Number Six  -Increase your stock holding

Do this only on the popular items that you make.

This is the easiest way to sell 10 x more than you have sold before.

It works so well.

The best part is that a massive number of your opposition do not believe this works.

You see, the problem is twofold.

You have to make all that stock, and it costs time and money.

I get that, therefore whenever I show people this trick they fool themselves into thinking that they are doing just fine with their pretty table layout, and low stock holding. The operative word there is FOOL themselves.

I am not going to harp on this point, but will simply state this fact.

The stall or booth that has 10 times more stock (20 x is even better) than the booth next to them is going to sell 10 times more. To the same crowd.

Now obviously this is not a case every time, but for 90{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} of the time, this will be true.

STOP putting your stuff on a flat surface like a table. create a U shaped booth or stall.

It must be at least door height.

Your stock (the bulk of it) must be crowded onto those display structures. Hanging them is the most obvious, but you can be creative here.

If you have fancy expensive stock – YOU MUST STILL do this, but put the stock behind Perspex or glass, with lighting.

Enclose your stall. Use dark backing materials, and very bright lighting. Have a carpet.

 Tip Number Seven – Add other related stock

This tip will depend on the image of your product.

If your products are fancy, make the additional stock as fancy as you can too.

Basically, you find wholesale related products to increase your business range.

This can be consignment stock from your opposition, it could be sourced from China or simply bought from job lots, dollar stores etc.

It is an easy way to double and triple your stock for sale without having to make it all.

Make this stuff the bargain bin stuff if necessary.

Be careful that it doesn’t degrade the look and sales of your products.

Craft market Displays and other Marketing Tricks

Tip Number eight – Plan your craft displays to a massive extent

See my comments in Tip Number Six above.

Do a LOT of research into planning this.

Your image is very important. Your Brand.

BUT, 20 x more stock is far more important, so combine that point with the look, the style and the display things that work.

Remember the obvious.

It must be light and transport easily.

It must always look fresh and new.

It must not be a material that shows up dust easily.

It must be sturdy for outdoor and windy situations.

It must  preferably have shade and be waterproof.

And then…

It must show off the stock that you have perfectly.

To get great ideas, go search Pinterest and ask for ideas on the Facebook Groups.

Please come and comment on my Facebook group too.

see the link for that at the end of this report.

Tip Number Nine – Plan How You Sell

See my course in the links section on this.

It is a thing that you need to make a part of how you react to the public.

I am very aware that a lot of you are shy and do not feel confident using any form of “tactic” on the public.

So, my advice is this.

NEVER sit in a chair behind your table. I mean NEVER.

Move out of the way, so people can look at your products without you blocking them in any way.

Only greet them once they have spent a few seconds looking at your goods.

Then shut up.

Let them initiate the questions, let them ask pricing (unless you have prices on display – which I do suggest) They will lead themselves to a buying decision far faster than you could.

Never fold your arms.

Keep conversation professional and light and friendly.

If it is your nature to make jokes about stuff, be over chatty and initiate conversation – do so at your own risk (this is a problem that I have – all the points I mentioned) and remember that it will be more fun, and it will lose you some sales.

ALWAYS offer an “up sell” but only once they have confirmed that they are buying. Perhaps even wait until they are about to hand you money. Offer two for a discount, offer anything you can think of to increase the size of your sale. This works very well. Why do you think they do it at the take-out windows?

If you have limited stock, offer to deliver it. Take a deposit and their address and keep your stock for more sales.

I have seen some amazing tips lists on the Facebook groups and on YouTube on how to be properly prepared for your shows.

Simple stuff like remembering to take a pen and paper, Business cards, water etc. Go search for those tips lists.

For fun, I could add a list like, never get drunk – Yes, I can hear you snickering, saying that would never happen, but I have seen it often enough. Then there is the never hit or shout at anyone’s children or husbands – and there will be times that you would like to, do not bark at their dogs, nor panic when they bring food and drinks near your stock.

Try to not call any ladies a HIPPO. (OK, this is a bad joke story of mine – at a show once, a woman saw my hammock chairs, from far, and got all excited and ran to them and jumped up and spun in the air and fell (like a Hippo) into one of my chairs and broke it. I was furious – I mean how stupid can you be? – and shouted at her, called her stupid and added that she had behaved like a hippo on heat. She was sorry. So was I for behaving like I did to her – the chair was still broken no matter what I said to her. A few years later at another show, I saw her again, and she approached my stall very carefully and told the entire crowd that she was with about how good my chairs were – we smiled a lot at each other. We both remembered the last meeting quite well)

 Tip Number Ten – Research variety of market types.

We often take it for granted that the most obvious type of market for our products type is the only one to sell at and this is far from true.

I highly suggest that you constantly seek out alternative market types to sell at and I think you will be happy that you did so.

OK, there will also be a lot of bad shows that you find, and sit somewhere in the sun, or the cold, or the rain swearing under your breath about me and my tips list. But when you find an new outlet – a gem of an outlet where there is not a single one of your opposition in sight you will thank me.

Then I implore you to think carefully about the types of stock you take to those markets – please give it some thought – better, do some research first – and adjust your products for that type of market.

For example, a school function is going to be far different to a night market, or a beach front market.

Trade shows – Some of these will be a total waste of money and others will get you massive sales if you plan then correctly.

Country shows – I love these because they usually run over a few days, and those fence sitters will come back and buy on their second or third visit. Ask your fellow traders a lot of questions, but be careful far more of them will lie to you than those who will tell you the truth.

Niche shows – Hunting, fishing, camping, motoring I can list them forever. These are the ones where you could make specific niche orientated stock (like a boat or nautical jewellery for a boat show) and the best part is that you will very likely be the only jewellery stall. All those poor suffering wives that are dragged along to look at boats will buy like crazy from your stall.

School functions – The bigger more affluent schools can be amazing. I remember selling out my entire stock in an hour at a fancy school function once.

Music festivals – One of my friends paid cash for a second hand car from his profits at one music festival – selling beaded jewellery. There is a HUGE variety of these festivals too. Rock to dance to country to acid-midnight-trance parties.

Night markets – Do these wrong and just get tired and sad  – do them right, with lighting, stock, colours and more and you can do massive turnovers at these markets. The best part about these are that they seldom clash with your regular markets. (if you have some strong night markets near you – consider starting a lighting business LOL)

Church Functions – OK, this one is an idea that you need to be careful about. Simply because they are often not very well attended – if it is just a small local church. But in my past, there were a few that were very big and very powerful annual church markets that I never missed – ever. I would book for the next year and pay upfront before this year’s market had finished. (Those aunties that ran the market loved me for that)

Beach markets – I am going to say something here that is probably different to your end of the world. But here in South Africa, the December Christmas markets were not very profitable. For some reason, people bought more of their gifts in the malls over Christmas than at markets. Plus they were always rushing or too busy at that time of the year. With that in mind, my fellow marketers and I would all migrate to the busy holiday spots and trade there on the streets and on the beaches.

We did fantastically well when those so-busy-people suddenly found themselves on holiday and all relaxed and ready to buy from me.

It never hurt that we were also trading at some of the nicest holiday spots in the world. (Cape Town beaches)

Specific themed markets – Like Halloween, Christmas etc. These can work well – the only gremlin is that you should make themed stock for them and then you end up with that stock for a whole year until the market comes up again the next year.

Biker rally’s – Well my jewellery was what I called hooligan-jewellery. So you can imagine that for me to switch the stock to a biker feel was very easy. Bikers are very often the richest people around. I promise.

Sport events – I had mixed success with this type of market. They often have massive crowds and those people all have one track minds – get the race over with, find their car and go home and lie down.

Or watch the match, or sit by the track or pool etc. You sit in your stall bored wishing that you were one of the food vendors.

But occasionally you find one where the (Cyclists or whatever) are there for a few days and they have nothing else to do once they have picked up the race numbers etc. The spend out of boredom.

Flea markets – In South Africa these are different to craft markets, and bring a different type of buyer. Worth looking into. Some of these are places that you can employ a person to sell for you and (this is cool) use that market to discount and dump your old or non-selling stock.

Street markets – These differ across the world. In some countries they are an annual thing, some have a theme like a rodeo thing, or a spring festival and some are every Sunday. Look out for them, go visit them and get a feel for what people are buying there. Adjust your product or stock holding accordingly.

Start Your Own Market – I am not joking here. This will take some planning and a fair investment but if done right can be amazingly profitable.

You would theme the market – IE decorating, Jewellery, Gifts, Clearance sales, auctions – whatever.

Then you would plan then to happen in places where nothing much happen at all. IE Small towns etc.

You would book an entire stadium, or take over a ground floor of an empty building, or just a big empty lot in town (Like the circus used to do in the old day)

You would work in partnership with as many of your peers or related industry business that you need to fill a decent sized festival.

If each of you took up a massive 6 meter x 6 meter space FULL of stock, and you had 10 of you there it will be a nice festival.

You run it over an end of month weekend from the Friday Afternoon to late Saturday night.

If you market it well that entire town and all the surrounding towns will pitch up and buy your stuff. You could even barter the food and drink rights to whoever owns that lad so you do not pay for the grounds. All you do is hand out fliers for three weeks prior to the event.

The local mall – There are many ways to sell locally. Book mall space. Book space inside a shop. Book space in a supermarket. Make it match your brand.

More Market ideas? – If you know of ones that I have forgotten, like air shows and baby shows etc, please let me know and I will add them to this list. Find my contact details in the links section. Thank you.

Tip Number eleven – Sell to agents

I do not need to go into too much detail here as this is fairly straight forward.

A couple of things to note.

If you are going to give them consignment make sure you have checked up on them in fine detail. I highly suggest that you make agents pay for their stock.

However, sometimes it is just like you employing a person and you have to trust them. Perhaps you should get them to return all the stock after each market if they are a consignment agent.

Help your agents with every scrap of information you have to get more sales for them. It helps you too.

Tip Number Twelve  – Sell wholesale

This is another one where a lot of people have burned their fingers with consignment sales.

I say, don’t do it. Make people pay for their wholesale stock upfront or just find another way to sell your products.

It is far too easy for them to sell your stuff and never pay you.

BUT – If you do it right, you could find your sales going at many times more than you could even have dreamed of. Do your due diligence on this idea and be very careful. Perhaps even take out some sort of insurance for this sort of thing.

Just imagine if your products were in 300 stores across the entire country!

Tip Number Thirteen – Sell party Plan

Personally, I am amazed that this system still runs to this day. back in the old days (LOL) Party-plan sales were a big thing and people knew what they were all about and supported the parties and their friends.

These days I am very sceptical about this method.

Find a person who is doing party plans and get good advice from them. I last did one in 1982.

There are quite a few brands that do party planning like Honey and perfume people and more.

Tip Number fourteen – Sell from your own store

This one is not your craft market, I am talking about a real brick and mortar store.

There are a number of ways to go about this and the most obvious is to simply lease a shop in a busy mall.

Naturally, there are costs involved, but if your product is easy to make, sells well and has high margins – I say go for it.

Other ways of doing this is to sublet a space inside a store that relates to your product. For example in a hair salon, or a large gift shop.

Another idea is those mobile booth type things in the alleyways of the malls. Those work well for certain types of businesses.

My personal favourite idea? Combine with 20 other business owners in your niche or related to your niche, and create your own mall from scratch. Perhaps use (and renovate) a bunch of houses together on a busy street.

Even one large property on a busy street can do very well.

You would have a tea garden, a small book store, perhaps classes for crafting, and a bunch of small stores selling gifts and cool stuff. You control everything. This would need some capital and some marketing, but could work out very well.

In my local suburb, there used to be a fairy related house store. It was amazingly busy. Who knew that so many people would support the fairy shop?

Online Selling

Now we get into territory that I have become VERY good at doing.

I am addicted to this method of marketing – mostly because it is so easy and anyone can do it.

Other peoples sites – EG Etsy – Amazon – Directories Etc.

Before you do anything…

Get perfect photographs

Everything about online marketing is about appearance and positioning.

Content is King – is something you are going to hear a lot about, if you are not already sick of hearing it, and sadly it is 100{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} true.

Content done a certain way will rank all your online properties.

Content done a certain way will retain visitors and get you sales.

Your written words, your videos and your images will make or break what you do online.

A badly made product will outsell a perfect product if their website looks nicer than yours.

Images are the key to selling online.

I do consultant work on all online aspects, please see the links section for more details.

 Tip Number fifteen – Add your products to Etsy

Let me state something obvious here.

Etsy is a great way to sell your jewellery items. (any handcrafted items for that matter)

BUT it should not be your only online property.

If you are going to do Etsy – do it properly or not at all – in fact any online property falls into this category. List all your items, do correct descriptions, do all the things that make your listings stand out above the others and bring you sales. This includes SEO for your listings.

I am not going to go into massive detail here on listing your products on Etsy as it would take a few hundred pages to do properly.

I do have some free and recommended courses in the links section.

 Tip Number Sixteen – Add your products to EBay

I put this up as a tip, as I know that a lot of people still run items for sale on EBay.

However, I feel that Etsy, Amazon and your own website will all work far better for handmade goods.

I have no experience on EBay marketing, so cannot give you any good advice here. Sorry.

Tip Number Seventeen – Add your products to Other Classified Sites

Please believe me on this comment, but classified sites, and directories are very good ways to power up the back links to your main money website – or Etsy listing.

Plus there is a small chance that you will actually get a few sales from your listings.

There are many ways to go about doing this sort of marketing, and when done right could be a great extra income stream or source of leads.

I wish to add this small comment here – USE KEYWORDS for your listings, use your brand and use your GMB (Google My Business) NAP (Nam Address and Phone Number) all three of those combined – with a LOT of images per listing will bring you very good SEO returns for your efforts.

 Tip Number eighteen – Add your products to Amazon FBA and Handmade

This could be your biggest source of orders if you do it right.

Amazon has the power to be the same as 1000 craft markets and could bring you huge numbers of orders.

Like any online platform, there are ways to do it right and ways where you simply waste your time.

I can recommend places where you can get decent training on how to do FBA marketing. Please see the links section for this.

Tip Number Nineteen – Add your products to online crafting directories

Adding your keywords and products to the directories will probably not bring you many sales.

BUT it will bring you SEO power direct to your money website and will ultimately get you direct sales from great SEO efforts.

Find the best 20 directories that relate to jewellery or crafting and list your details there – preferable with keywords woven into the listing.

 Tip Number Twenty – GMB

Ah, GMB – Google My Business is an ever changing directory type listing place owned by Google.

When you search for anything and add a city, town or suburb into that search Google will more than likely give you the GMB local maps three pack listings first.

Try it go to Google and search for Jewellery stores in XXX.

Those listing that pop up there have little to do with traditional SEO and are directly related to your GMB listing.

If you are selling locally you have no choice but to list your business there.

This can be a massive source of income for your business.

This can be a very competitive space to market in, so I suggest that you either do a course or at the very least watch a lot of YouTube videos learning how to do it right.

This could be 50{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} of your incoming leads.

This is a service I consult on for businesses, but is very limited to the number of clients I help at a time. Please see the links section for details.

Jack up your social media

Social media is powerful for a number of reasons.

Firstly if done right it can bring you direct sales.

Secondly, it brings an activity that makes Google give your website better rankings because they visit your website and stay and read your stuff. (I am presuming that you then have good content that they want to read)

Thirdly it brings you a form of back link to your website.

Fourthly it alerts the Google spiders that you have new content and that gets them visiting and indexing your content.

Fifth  it forms a bridge between all your web properties.

All good things.

I have a BIG comment here. If you are going to do any social media stuff – go big and do it right. a small fiddle here and there is just pathetic.

I have a BUNCH of cool social media courses that you could use to get massive help with this aspect. See the links section.

Tip Number Twenty one – Pinterest

Man, this one is amazing and while I am aware that most of you should be aware that Pinterest is massive and can bring you more business than you can cope with, I need to keep on repeating it for those who have not started marketing there yet.

During one of the courses that I was doing – I saw that the guys giving the course had received 18 000 visits that day.

Read that again.

18 000 in one day.

Can you imagine how many items you could sell to traffic that is that busy?

 Tip Number Twenty two  – Instagram

This one is just as powerful as Pinterest. I promise, and then the only big difference is that Instagram is for a slightly younger crowd. The mobile people.

Go join, get a great course and start marketing there properly.

Ask me for a cool link to a course or two. PS I offer huge bonuses for you if you use my affiliate links. 🙂 See the links section.

 Tip Number Twenty Three – Facebook

Everybody is on Facebook. But they do not want to buy stuff there. It is weird. they will click on an advert, but not buy from posts that you share.

this is not always true, but this place is good for paid ads and adding tracking pixels etc. it does work – there are tons of people who only use FB ads for their businesses.

I have done so many Facebook courses (and made a few too) that I am a bit jaded. Still, one of the best ways for you to get free help from me and advice is to join MY Facebook group and ask for help there.

See the links for that Group address.

Tip Number Twenty Four – Twitter

If you use twitter and actually make money, I would love to interview you for my Facebook group and blog.


I use my 20 000 followers on Twitter to get indexed by Google and to get a bit of traffic.

I am not a fan, but a lot of people swear by it. Hence I am mentioning it here.

Tip Number Twenty Five – IFTTT

Now this one I am a big fan of.

You will need to go and join to see exactly how this works, but it basically can automate your socisl media marketing.

when you post a new video (just one example) it will report automatically to up to 20 and more other social media properties that you own and have set up inside this system.

Go and set it up now.

You can pay to have it done too.

I thought it would be better to build my own. wow, to do it right is a lot of work. Now I just pay. It makes me happier.

 Ask me on the Facebook group if I have not added a link in the links section.

Tip Number Twenty Seven – Socialadr

 Your OWN website

If you do just one thing from this entire tips suggestions – then this Get-Your-own-decent-website is the most important.

YOU own it, YOU control the content, YOU create the content etc.

Such a powerful way to sell if you set it all up correctly.

This is where I offer the most help in the links section – but also the part that I limit the most. I am a one man business, and often I write these sort of reports to allow me to give it to clients so that they can go and do a lot of what they wish I could find time to do for them.

I have even supposed to have completed a detailed series of video course training videos, and will pick it up again if you ask me on the Facebook Group. I did get quite far with the training.

Client work slowed me right down there. they are more important naturally.

Tip Number Twenty Eight – Keyword research

This sections so important –  I wish to say a few things…

Go and watch my video training – most of it is free if I remember correctly.

Then if you are too busy try to book a slot with me to do this for you as an order.

Your direct keywords is one massive section.

Gift and buyer keywords is just as important.

Whatever I write here will never be detailed enough to help you.

Please get the links from the links section.

Did I mention that this is vital?

Tip Number Twenty Nine – WordPress

If you are not using WordPress for your core money site then you are always going to be that bit behind.

Plus if you are still using the free sites like Wix and Weebly, then you are labelling yourself and a part time business owner.

Trust me when  I tell you that WordPress is BY FAR the best model to build your self hosted website on.

There are a lot of reasons for this, but simply put, the main reasons are Google loves the structure (when done right) – it is easy for normal people to work on and update their websites and they have a LOT of plugin’s that can enhance every aspect of your website and thus your business.

Freebies and bonusesI have an affiliate link that you can use to get your hosting, and if you do so, I will give you a mountain of bonuses. Go to the links section for more details

PLUS – I can build your website for you. I have a variety of different options. Some of these are very limited..

Tip Number Thirty – Themes

WordPress is like the framework of your website and the theme is like the style of clothing that you dress your website up in.

Or put another way – Like a smart car. You can choose the look by adding different look add-on’s to the core framework.

The theme that you chose to work with on your WordPress website can make a massive difference to the performance and look of your website.

Currently, there are some very popular drag and drop builders, of which The Divi them is my favourite.

However, there are other theme suppliers that will have great options – One I also like is Templatic. They have some really professional themes available.

Over the years I have built hundreds of websites and have had a lot of problems with badly designed themes.

Tip Number Thirty One – CMS

Content management system is what WordPress is all about – Use their simple to use scheduling for your content and more. Management is the key word here

Tip Number Thirty Two – Plug-in Power

WordPress has an amazing number of really clever plug-in developers who continually create and add new plugin’s to the system.

The tip here covers things like improving how fast your website loads, or hooking up your social media to your website, or doing great analytics to improve your SEO targeting and more.

The important ones that you will need are…

  • Ecommerce plugin’s – woo Commerce is a popular one.
  • Security plugin’s – I even have a service for this. (maintaining peoples websites)
  • Site loading speed plugins.
  • SEO plugin’s.

But then there are a pile of other cool ones, like analytics, traffic monitoring, social media stuff and more.

If you need me to do more detail on this subject, ask me on the Facebook group to make a video and I will do so. See the links section for the Groups link.

Tip Number Thirty Three – Silo structure

This one is so important that when people ask me about it my eyes glaze over and I get a religious fervour expression on my face…

If you do your silo structure well, keyword wise, and then build out your content in the best possible ways, there is a high chance that you will not need serious SEO for your website.

This silo structure thing alone might be enough.

What is a Silo Structure?

OK, it is planning your keywords into a pyramid styled system that has the most important keywords grouped on the first level, and then the next level strength keywords below that linking up to the first level.

Then the third levels link up to the second levels and so forth.

This allows Google to see a structure to what keywords your business is targeting and rank your website accordingly in the search engines.

I have been promising to create a detailed course on this subject for years and never find the time to do so. If enough of you ask me to do so, I will get it done. Email me or ask me on the Facebook Page.

Tip Number Thirty Four – Content (is King)

This ties in with your keyword planning and your silo structuring to get your website better rankings.

BUT, your content also needs to be really interesting and full of cool information that people are searching for and want to read.

Content also covers video and things like info-graphics.

Naturally, this is far more complicated than just writing pages and pages of content. You need to plan everything into a fun and interesting (but still structured) content machine on your blog or website to get visitors interested in what you do, and to get them buying from you.

 Tip Number Thirty Five – Internal Linking

The only way that you can show Google what your website is all about is to use your content (words) and then to use links to show the Google bots what is related content on your website.

This linking system within your website is what anchors your keywords and your silo structure and shows Google what your website is really all about.

Somewhere on my website, there is training on linking and how to do it the right way.

Please see the links section for those details.

Tip Number Thirty Six – On site SEO

Onsite SEO is also about the previous few tips like content etc, but this point I mention here is more on the technical aspects of your website.

This is one reason why WordPress works so well.

There are plug ins that can handle a lot of your on site stuff.

The main items are things like making sure your meta descriptions and meta tags are well done from a keyword point of view.

then you need to be sure that you do not have broken links.

Naturally, you need a lot of well planned linking within your site too.

Plus you need to pay attention to your H1 and H2 titles so that they also work for visitors and for the Google spiders.

These day it is getting more and more important for your on site stuff to be perfect.

It used to be that links pointing to your site were 90{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} of the ranking power, but if your competition is not too fierce and your onsite stuff is good, coupled with great (and a lot of it) content, then you could rank very well in the search engine results pages.

Tip Number Thirty Seven – Navigation

Navigation is MASSIVE to your sales.

People these days are extremely impatient online and everybody considers themselves an expert.

Now, it doesn’t help to try to dispute that fact, Ha-ha, but simply put all the navigation bits where they should be and most visitors will be happy.

For example ,you need a nice a long and friendly About-Us page. There are a LOT of people who feel they need to get to know you a bit before they even go and look at your prices.

Then have your products well grouped.

Have pricing very visible.

Have all the necessary details like delivery times and cost very visible and easy to understand.

If people get lost or stuck searching for a thing, they will rather bail out of your site and go and look elsewhere.

On the positive side, if they have a flowing and easy route to a spot where they can order, they probably will do so.

Tip Number Thirty Eight – Image/Branding

Images are very important for a few big reasons.

One – They create the mood or impression of your business and product.

I know this is obvious, but look carefully at your images and then at the best ones you can find and see where you can improve them.

Perfect looking images can make a bad product look nice and bad images can make a perfect product look cheap and nasty.

Two – They are part of your branding. If you keep your images to a style, or certain colouring, or similar texts etc they combine to make your items recognisable not only on your website but across social media too.

Three – this one is important for the rankings. Your images must not be large. They can and should be full page (or some of them anyway) but if they are massive files they will slow down the loading speeds of your website and it will never rank at all.

Come via my Facebook group to my website and see where I have stuff available for you learn from on how to do this for yourself.

If you cannot find it, ask me for the link on the Facebook page.

This is also all about fixing things like the Meta Tags on your images, and geo tagging them. Those details are what your opposition are doing and getting your sales.

Tip Number thirty Nine – Site loading speeds

Well, I have touched on this a few times in the tips above this and will happily make you a video on how you can test your websites loading speeds. In fact, I will do so and have a link for you in the links section.

You see, even if everything is perfect on your website. Great content, perfect images, great on page SEO etc, a slow loading speed is like running a marathon with bricks tied to your feet.

The worst part is often out of your control, because you might have crappy hosting.

I always smile when I see people on the groups and on forums telling others that their hosting is very good, and I know that they have bad hosting but have never been shown what is wrong with it.

I have tried to tell people but as per usual everyone thinks that free help is a trick of some sort, and they shun the help and advice and probably still have slow site loading speeds.

I definitely have a few ways that you can keep an eye on your hosting company for free.

i built a website that is there to do exactly that. Not test YOU site itself, but TEST your hosting package.

See the links for this offer. It is free.

 Tip Number Forty – Powerful LOOKING sales pages

Please don’t tease me on this one.

Because I know that it looks like I am repeating myself, you know, navigation, Images – content etc.

I admit that I do harp on it all the time.

But this tip is different.

What you want to consider here is a page that is actually a fancy full page advert.

You know like you would pay $4000 for as a full page magazine advert.

Look at all the big adverts for the top experts in your niche and try to get that expensive adverting budget feel to a full page. Go buy a few glossy magazines and study what the professional do.

And then come and share it with us on the Facebook group (Carefully – because advertising is not allowed there LOL)

Now in marketing, I just call it a landing page, but the end focus is the same.

Get people to eyeball the page and think… Wow!

That is the main target, then give them a link to click out from to order.

Quite simple.

Pages like this DO NOT rank on their own in the search engines, so you will need to drive people from your other pages and from social media.

 Tip Number Forty One – Woo Commerce type Paying Options.

I remember when I used to help small start-up crafters from my local markets that the biggest problem – other than time- was money.

They couldn’t afford to pay for a full detailed website with all the bells and whistles, and it was not a good thing.

They used to just get prospects to email them orders and do EFT payments etc.

Now you and I both know that this is not the best way.

Buyers get that warm fuzzy happy feeling when they buy something and it is all very professional looking.

This simply means that you need to use a woo commerce system, and those who do not have WordPress (silly) then something like Shopify works OK too.

People need to feel secure when buying anything that is more expensive than a pizza.

If you do not need to sell a ton of items, then you could do a simple PayPal pay now button for some things. If you do courses you might want to consider using a third party system like JV Zoo.

Then the obvious other option is to send your sales to your Etsy listings.

Some people will complain that then there will be an added fee from Etsy, but it is well worth it to let them process everything.

 Tip Number Forty Two – Blogging

When I first came online back in 2008 Blogging was a big thing. But, back then it was real blogging. You know, the diary type daily blog.

Then the 2008 financial crash brought a massive surge of people – just like me – online to make the fortune.

This caused real websites for businesses to flourish and grew WordPress to the powerful platform it is today.

I was very amused to rediscover a very big group of people who still call a website a blog.

This is predominately what is known as a mommy blog and travel blogging.

Now, even though I am taking a small dig at this group I really want to point out what modern blogging is really all about.

You see every business that wants to keep their rankings needs to add fresh content for Google to show them some ranking love.

That is seen by business as adding content.

BUT, in reality, it is modern day blogging.

This is where you create interesting and readable content related to your business on niche and use that content in the old fashioned way of publishing it to get attention.

With WordPress, the post is really blogging using categories to keep everything neat and organised.

This constant posting is blogging, and that therefore proves to those mommy bloggers that they really are old fashioned bloggers.

BUT in truth, they are business websites that are posting content often – or blogging.

So, after all this waffle, you need to post regular fresh and exciting content as often as you can. This means at least 4 times a month and once a day is better.

Google reads words and sees who reads those words to rank your website. Therefore it goes to say that those who post the most often will probably win.

BUT rubbish boring content can work against you too.

Use video, info graphics, surveys, compilations and more to keep people reading and interested in your products.

 Tip Number forty Three – Social media interaction

I do not need to tell you that if you could go VIRAL that your website will be very profitable.

However, this is a lot harder to orchestrate that you can imagine.

But there are ways, use places like Buzz Sumo and Google trends to see what is trending – keep an eye on the news and more to try to compile content that is fresh interesting and topical that will get you shares, likes and followers on social media.

There are people using Pinterest alone to generate monthly incomes of $20 000 a month and more. The same goes for Instagram.

I will post a few links to some courses for you to look at if you would like to power up your social media skills. See these in the links section.

 Tip Number forty Four – Crowd sourcing

This is where you get a lot of other people to search for your keyword, find your site and then stay on the site for awhile. I will explain more below.

This is a controversial topic amongst SEO experts.

Some love this other say it doesn’t work.

I believe that it works.

Here is why, Google does see when a person searches for a keyword and then misses the first few sites and clicks on one that catches their eye.

The controversy comes when a person goes all the way to 40th place to find your site before they click on it. I think that you need to do better on page SEO first, then share that page a lot and that combination should lift you from 40th (or whatever) to a point where it will be a little more realistic when they click on your site in the results pages.

That is point number one for your site.

Then if they stay and read a lot, it proves to Google that you had found what you were looking for and therefore the site is apt for that keyword and deserves the ranking it had.

That is point number two.

This combination – if done in a controlled manner (IE not too many people doing it as once) then it will probably lift your website up the rankings for that keyword.

I tested this myself and took a competitive keyword from 50th position up to third in the SERPS.

BUT it took about six months for that to happen because I could not send 30 people a day to that keyword.

Either way, it works.

There are places that you can go to, to pay for this service or you could set it up yourself.

For now, let me say that I plan to tell you more about it on my sites and on the Facebook group.

I have been setting up a big test thing to really go wide on this and test it properly.

Maybe you would like to get involved. Keep an eye out for news from me.

 Tip Number Forty Five – Sticky

I mention this above too.

This is important because Google takes note of how long people stay on your website.

If they click out in seconds it sort of proves that what people found was not what they wanted to find.

We – in the SEO business – call this “Sticky”.

Do what you have to, to make people stay.

The most obvious is to give them content that matches they keyword searched for.

then you can add images, info graphics, videos and a lot of interesting details all over the page to keep their attention.

(PS this is one of the reasons why I do not like sliders – I think people get bored waiting for the next image and bail out)

Tip Number Forty Six – External Linking

Right now this is still the best way to get keyword rankings for your website, and will probably always have some power in proving to the search engines that your site is popular.

In fact, one of the things that this report is supposed to do for me is to get me back links from YOUR website, thanking me for this, and more, but ultimately gaining me a back link or two from helping you for free. no jokes here, if you do not mind, i would be very grateful for a mention somewhere on your site and a link to one of my sites. I would even bribe you with bonuses to do this. Um, I am definitely not allowed to ask you to do this, Google frowns on this idea LOL.

OK, so getting powerful external links pointing to your website is not an easy thing to do.

You could buy them – another thing Google will de-index you for if you get caught.

You could do Guest Posting, but again if done with the intention of getting a back link, again, naughty!

Had I not mentioned any linking above here, and you had just linked to me naturally from your website that would definitely be the sort of links that Google wants to see, where we endorse people, brands and site naturally.

We can and will be talking about this topic a lot on the Facebook group and on my website.

Please keep up 🙂

Other Marketing Ideas

Tip Number Forty Seven – Competitions

There are dozens of ways to use competitions and they will probably all work when combined with social media.

Quite a few social media platforms allow for competitions and surveys that you could use to get interest and viral content from people.

Competitions need not be for expensive prizes either, you can use your imagination here.

Please note that you are not allowed to ask for likes on Facebook.

Sometimes a long annual competition works well too.

This would have a decent prize and you would do a monthly or even weekly report on the numbers, IE how many new entries there are, how many wrong answers etc.

Tip Number Forty Eight – Collaborations with your biggest peers

Please note that I never said OPPOSITION here.

You see, I know that many of you who get this report from me will be what is commonly called “opposition” – these are other marketers who offer similar services to what I offer.

If you sell jewellery courses, Web design, SEO services and generally other things that we are encouraging craft and jewellery people to buy from us., then I WELCOME YOU HERE.

I DO NOT see those people as opposition.

This is normal business.

I would get a copy too, if any of you put it in front of me online. Hell, it is obvious.

But the thing is that we can combine together and get 20 times MORE business by co-operating with each other.

Let me give you a few examples of how you can cooperate with your “opposition” and get MORE sales.

The first and most obvious is to set up a you-promote-my-course- to-your-people-and-I-will-do-the-same-back.

This will not work if you do not have similar levels of emails lists or Facebook groups etc. But if you can find someone who has equal assets online then a cross promotion idea works very well.

Or, you could set each other up as affiliates for your courses. (I would do this in a flash for you all and offer you 80{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} commissions)

You simply set up an affiliate system, set your commissions 50{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} is common and get that other person to share and promote your course to their members, email lists etc.

Do a BLOWOUT Sale.

You get 5 or 10 other marketers who have courses services and products in your niche and each one of you adds one of your courses to a bundle of courses for a massive promotion. The bundle gets set as an affiliate product too, at 50{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} commission so that everyone will happily promote it properly.

This normally works best with experienced marketers who have large email lists and decent courses.

Just Be Nice

Thinking you are at war with anyone who does what you do is just childish and pathetic. Banning your opposition from your groups, or sending rude emails is never going to be positive.

But the opposite works wonders, a monthly Skype conference with a few others in a mastermind can only benefit everyone. For example, my strengths are always going to be getting leads for people. so, I might have really important tips for my peers about content creation – that they can share honestly with their member etc, and I then get a few great tips back on things that have changed on Etsy – for example. Win-Win

So, email me if you do what I do and would love to chat about ideas. Plus – if you see something really stupidly bad here, tell me, I will credit you for the adjustment and add in a link for you in return.

If you took all my advice here on this report and turned it into a best seller on Kindle, I would be proud to know that I helped. Well done. I cannot complain, as I could have done the same too.

I might still…

On social Media

Share what your peers do on your groups, and get them to do the same for you. It really doesn’t hurt.

In my opinion, a true follower or fan of my courses, services or training is far more likely to buy from me and trust me if I openly share the good stuff from my “opposition” with them. They are not fools.

On websites.

Ok, if you are going to share posts, pages and courses etc from your opposition (or peers as I prefer to call you) it should have some sort of referral back, or a back link, or an affiliate commission attached.

Tip Number Forty Nine – Video Marketing

A busy video channel could bring you in a massive amount of business.

There are many ways to go about doing video marketing, so I will not get too involved in that here.

But, let me add this point.

It is easy to do, and if you start with a theme or style stick to it, and keep on doing regular videos forever. One day you will look up and realise that you are getting an extra 5000 visitors a month from your videos.

Oh, but please do it right. Good keywords, good descriptions, good meta descriptions, playlists etc.

Tip Number fifty – Live streaming

Amazing how powerful this is.

Periscope, YouTube and Facebook are all very happy to give your live streaming top billing.

All you need to do is to make it something that people actually want to watch.

Just look at how well those oyster people do.

I will try to remember to add links to free software below that you can use for your live streaming.

Nag me on the Facebook group if I forget.

Tip Number fifty one – Sales Funnels

This is similar to an up sell. (I really hope I told you to do up-selling as a tip earlier)

OK, so an up sell is where a person has already confirmed a purchase. And then you offer them something that goes with it.

IE they buy ear rings and you tell them that if they buy the matching necklace set you will do a 20{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} discount. (this is just an example) Remember that you should think of the “would you like fries with it” question you get from the fast food industry. It works.

But with a funnel it is different. Normally a funnel is a process that they follow online, IE from clicking and buying something from your store or website.

They would make the payment and you then have then directed to another page that says something like…


Thank you for your purchase, you will find that a confirmation email is on its way to you, but I wanted to show you a special offer as a bonus for buying from me.

This is the only time that you will see this offer…

And then you offer them something – a coupon, an discount for more purchases, an annual voucher – something nice, irresistible.

A really well written and well planned funnel could take a simple ear ring sale through past a few extra sales all the way to a monthly buyer club or something that is many times more valuable to you than a single sale. You know, like a wine of the month club.

Tip Number fifty Two – Bonuses

Bonuses really do work well.

It could simply be a How-To-Care-For-Your-Jewellery eBook or it could be coupons and more.

In fact, you are welcome to sit back and look at how I use bonuses right here on this report to great effect.

If you get hosting via my link – you could get up to 20 courses for free, or you could get a $300 website built for you for free – including about 30 training videos.

Or almost any of my services, be it doing your keyword research to a full marketing website at $3000 will always come with cool bonuses.

You see, most bonuses that I offer, I already own and are digital. It doesn’t hurt me a tiny bit to use the bonus offer as an incentive to get someone to buy something from me and not my opposition.

If the bonus is going to actually cost me time or hard work, then that bonus will naturally only be offered with a large value package.

Let me tell you a secret about this report. I am going to market it to a place where the advertising cost is extremely low, and my chances of getting sales from that market are very slim. BUT, they will be offered bonuses to share and share and share my report – over and over each time they want another bonus, they share and share.

Time will tell if this worked. If you are reading this line, then it is still either undergoing tests or worked so well that I have decided to keep this here and to keep on applying that marketing method.

Go to the links section to see some of the Bonus Offers.

 Tip Number Fifty Three – Other income streams

Multiple income streams is a subject that I treat like a religion. I never stop preaching this aspect of your business.


Well, years ago when I was only doing craft markets – and in fact only country shows, bad weather or a big sporting event used to put a massive dent into my income.

I would be all prepared for that big end of month weekend and my car would break down, or it would rain cats and dogs, and I would lose 50{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} of that months income from one bad weekend.

I learned to set up a second income stream and it cut my problems and stress levels by half.

I actually suggest many more income levels than just two.

Here are some examples.

  1. Other sales outlets – See the tips earlier on wholesaling, selling to agents having staff working on markets for you and even stock on stores etc.
  2. Digital Courses – Create courses on anything that is in demand. Do a bit of keyword research and see what the demand is for something that people want to learn – and make a course. In fact make many courses. Do short courses for $5, or massive ones for $1000. You decide.
  3. Physical courses – These are the ones where you fill up a class every Saturday morning for a fee and teach people stuff.
  4. Email marketing – build up an email list and use it to increase your sales. This could be for your products, your specials, courses and even affiliate marketing (see below)
  5. Blogging – This is not your main shop or drop shipping website, but a simple blog where you talk about topics that are very popular and this brings your website a ton of traffic and you get to earn a full time income from your blog. (please see the links section for help on this idea)
  6. Affiliate marketing – This would work best if you had the blog I mentioned, or an email list, but you could easily do pure affiliate marketing just via social media or paid advertising and earn a nice comfortable living doing this – if you do it the right way. Ask me on the Facebook Group.
  7. Other things – The list goes on, public speaking, mentoring, marketing, wholesale manufacturing for others, website flipping, social media marketing and more.


Tip Number Fifty Four – Do not hesitate to ask.

EVERY BODY has to learn sometime.

Please do not ever be scared to ask for help. ask me if you think the question is really embarrassing – I will help.

Ask on Facebook groups., ask on forums, ask on all the social media places.

Ask on the asking places like Yahoo answers. People will help you.

Never trust one answer, and allow for the fact that 90{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} of those who are helping you might have an ulterior motive.

I do with this report. Seriously, I have typed over 37 pages so far offering you fantastic advice, hoping that you will find one of my services really necessary and buy from me. LOL, OK, I also love helping, but still, remember to be careful. If you get offered Bluehost or Go daddy you might be getting bad advice.

Email the experts. This works quite well. You find the website of a person who seems to really know the answers to your problem, and then simply use their contact form to ask for help. You might be surprised as to how often you will get helped without any strings attached.

 Tip Number Fifty Five – Never procrastinate

Putting an important thing off because of pathetic and silly reasons is never going to help your business.

Rather do something now in a slightly imperfect way, and fix it as you go along, than wait for it to one-day be perfect.

Lie in bed and look deeply at your excuses for not doing something. Your life is far shorter than you think.

BUT, I also believe that you should be doing the most important stuff first, so pay others if your are unsure of your skills, or are too busy.

Just get it done somehow. seriously.

 Tip Number Fifty Six – Do not be scared to barter.

If what you do is far more valuable to someone that you want to buy from, or get a service from, do not be sacred to offer a barter system.

An amazing number of people are willing to do a beneficial barter thing or a swop.

It is also quite fun.

Um, to add here, if you have partners, you had better consult them first. (Experience talking here – LOL)

 Tip Number Fifty Seven – Try to own the best equipment

You would think that this is obvious, but I can tell you that I know of many business that started off with crappy machinery and have never replaced it with the good stuff.

It is far easier to cut a straight line with a decent piece of equipment.

Your business will run more efficiently, faster and you will be happier.

Tip Number Fifty Eight – NEVER surrender.

Years ago (and I really mean years ago LOL) I was taught a canvassing system that worked on numbers.

IE for every 10 people I ask for business I will get 9 no’s and only one yes.

Once you know those numbers, it makes canvassing quite fun. Because you know that a no is good, because there is a yes on the horizon.

Now bad things are going to happen in your life and your business.

Do not bullshit yourself that you are invincible.

If you plan for those disaster things, insurance, health, theft, hell earth quakes and more – you will be far better prepared mentally when they do arrive.

Lying awake all night is not going to help you at all.

Plan for everything, be positive and get on with it.

Um, I am presuming that you have actually planned your business properly and that as long as you get the work done every day it will be a success.

For those of you who suffer from medical issues, and I am very aware that there are many of you, please allow for and plan for all that come with your illness.

These are things that often make you unemployable, and therefore fore you (with a medical issue) to have to fend for yourself when it is hard to function.

Depression, bi-polar, anxiety issues, addictions and more are often things that come with self employed people. Guys, plan, plan, plan and then plan for the down days and do not (OK try to not)let it stop you picking yourself up later and getting back on the bike again.

Never surrender.

(PS if you do have any of those things – the bad ones – I suggest that you search for others in the same boat as you and form a support group – that help can be massive)

Tip Number Fifty Nine – Mindset.

LOL, another one that I personally do not believe in.

BUT, I agree that there are a massive amount of people who do need affirmation and more to be successful.

My problem is that I am far too confident, and that works against me as often at being unsure works against those who need to work on their mindset.

I know this is likely to get me into trouble, and I even enjoy the thought. If you get the urge to crap on me for my cavalier attitude to a subject that you hold dear to yourself, please join the Facebook Group and crap on me there. I would love the interaction. If you do it with a friendly attitude, I will allow you to ask me for copies of the mindset courses I have that you can also get because you followed these instructions.

 The Perfect Combination

This reports title is how to sell more jewellery, so I am going to show you the perfect combination to be successful. OK, ish, as you can imagine that there are many variations that you could combine here.

  • The most in demand product (great research)
  • The best profit level for that product range (more testing and research)
  • Huge stock Holding (just time and money)
  • Great Craft market testing systems (all here in my courses)
  • Powerful Etsy type listings (linking to your money site.)
  • Massive Pinterest and Instagram followings. (doing it right and often – works)
  • Powerful authority premium WordPress website. (ah, my speciality)
  • Over 200 pages. (sadly, just hard work done the right way)
  • Silo structure, internal linking etc – all a given. (see my cocky chirp above)
  • That will get you thousands of long tailed keyword rankings and orders.
  • Helpers manufacturing for you 🙂 (serious business skills here – IE management)
  • Drinks by the pool. (something I am good at)


Free research course here – Crafting business ideas

And another one here  – Free report

I have another detailed course that you might want to have a look at – my research course

I have a video version of the same course

Link to the show guide – This is a detailed show guide (I am not sure what countries it covers)

A free premium WordPress website – This link takes you to the FREE JEWELRY version.

The Facebook group where you can get free advice

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Keyword research

Silo structuring research.

This would fall under the keyword section above. Email me for more information

Full websites done for you.

SEO services

Hosting with bonuses

If you use my affiliate links to get your hosting, I will either do that free website (see above) or offer you any or even all the bonuses listed in the link below.

You can find my affiliate links here

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This is the list of bonuses you can choose from if you have bought things from me or via my affiliate links (where I mention bonuses) and you not only get these you get the video versions of the bonuses too. a value of over $100 00

I will list MANY more links below at the very end of this report – Go see!


I admit that I literally wrote these tips right out of my head without going back into any of my courses and website to get more tips for you.

Therefore, if you see any tips that I should add, please email me and let me know (see the email address below) so that I can adjust this report for everyone.

Plus I am really bad at spelling and grammar, and you would think that because I know that – that I would double check everything right? I never do. Please save me from bad embarrassing stuff like that be telling me what to fix.

If you are an expert in any of these fields, or spot something that you feel is hectically wrong here, please feel free to contact me and we will see if there is a way to rectify the error or to get your method added to this report.

And then as a final note – I love helping people, so as you can imagine this was a pleasure to write out and get a copy to you – Thank you for reading this report. 

May your business thrive and succeed beyond your wildest imagination.


Robert Bruce Anderson

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