The Video Version of the Bestselling Product Research Course

Is the product you are thinking of selling a Best Seller?

This is the 14 video course that details a few vital methods that you can use to research best selling items online.

I am not going to try to “sell” this to you – It is simple – If you are thinking of making anything to sell, offline or online, then this video course will show you how to see what the REAL bestsellers are online.

That way you get to start your business totally Informed


Let me show you how to pick a bestselling product to make and sell

The first TWO Videos

These videos are simply an introduction as to why you need to research products that are already bestsellers and how you can use that information to help you formulate a decent list of potentially profitable things to make and sell in your home workshop.

By researching a variety of different product ideas it will help you move away from just guessing and wishing up a list of products and business ideas that you might have floating around in your head.

Why not spend a tiny bit of money here, on this course, then spend quite a bit of time (maybe a week) digging into all your ideas – back and forth – and at then end of the process you will save yourself a TON of wasted time and money.

Most people use up years finding out that they could have differed slightly in their business ideas and made money from day one, and not needed that “learning Curve” that we seem to think every business deserves.

This system of researching the proven most profitable product ideas is one that will work for most niche ideas, printables, gifts, jewelry, crafting and furniture or wooden products.

All you have to do is follow a series of steps to filter your way through your original ideas into a list of best sellers

Three Videos On Keyword research

That there are THREE videos on keyword reseach shows you how much emphasis I place on this part of the process.

Seriously – Knowing the demand for a product, a niche, a sub niche or a trend is 50{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} of your success right there.

This one is SO important. Do it right.


FOUR Videos on Etsy Research Methods

This course is made up of 4 parts.

ONE – Why you need this research

TWO – The keyword research

THREE – The Etsy side of it

FOUR – The Amazon side of the research (the next section)

That I took FOUR videos to cover this single site is testament to how much information you can glean from a single craft or gift related site.

I love that we are able to dig around in a controlled manner and find out what our bestselling ideas are doing in comparison to the others online


A DETAILED Amazon Research Video

THE GIANT in eCommerce online.

I go through some basic BUT very important research methods that you need to follow when doing research on Amazon.

I learned these methods inside a course on ECommerce that cost $1000.00, so you need to trust that id the top eCommerce guys are using these research methods – they work.

Get the course – watch the videos and learn some of the tricks that help the FBA guys that are making over $100 000 a month in profits on Amazon.


Three More “Advice” Videos and a Bonus Video

OK, so here I wind down the intensity, and go over a bunch of advice on web design, hosting and other important things like online marketing and more. Not 100{fb1da95e4fc88ea0129a0850f60c946125931d0d3ca6d21bc45283e49fe7e931} related to the actual research of profitable products, but vital to helping your business succeed online.

Get a copy of this video course right now

What you get inside the Video Series…


OK, so 14 videos that go over some fantastically clever and simple ways of seeing what products are already selling online.

In fact you can even go back in time and see what products were selling a few years ago, and follow up on trends.

How deep you do your reseach is up to you – BUT, I need to remind you that a few $’s here today and a week of decent research will save you a year of failing products and loans to keep your new business afloat.


Why not do it right from day one?

I could easily sell this Course for $97.00

The value that it brings to your new business could be hundreds of times that value

Get it right now for only


Go and see a CRAFT Version of this course

There is a related BUT Different course on this subject.


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Craft Research Course

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